Sexs Melayu Boleh

Melayu Boleh just fucking  tired. It’s been a long Sunday. Melayu Boleh  brain can’t function anymore to blog anything blog-worthy. So I’m calling it an early night now. Yawnnn …(ayat

Sexs Melayu Boleh is intended to remove all the crappy adult website in GooGLE search Engine with the keyword “Melayu Boleh” as we can see that term is widely used in searching the pornographic material and mostly the results are related to porn or adult materials. So, as an initiative to keep that keyword clean from any pornographic mean, this blog is being optimized to achieve that goal.(pinjam

It is kind of a bit disappointed when a lot of site is trying to take the advantage of the word of Melayu by combining them with the word of Boleh. This word suppose to display a good image of Melayu Boleh, unfortunately, there is some Melayu itself who are betray their own race. It is kind of humiliation to the Melayu community. Those who are taking the advantage of this terminology should look into themself and why do they need to give a bad image of this word for displaying mostly a nude image.


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